Our Journey to Uganda


The connection started with an outreach from Pastor Michael in 2010.  It was on the hearts of Stephanie and her husband Dennis for some time and eventually they teamed up with Michael and Sharon in the building of a Church and community centre.   Land was purchased and the construction of a church in Bugembe, began in 2012. 

Pastors Micheal and Sharon Kamya who are native to the area, serve the most needy in their community.  They are leaders of hope and founders of Mt. Olive Ministries.  They care for orphaned children, connect with schools and local builders and run a variety of programs to encourage hope and sustainability.

Stephanie finally realized a dream, when she made her journey to the area in 2019.  The travel included 15 hours of flights, and 3 hours by car to the rural area of Bugembe.  The fruits and vegetables were plentiful and the people were as warm and welcoming as the sunshine.  The realization came, when witnessing the level of destruction still left behind from the reign of Idi Amin in the 1970s.  Schools were still left in shambles and there was limited access to basic medical care and clean water.  "When I saw a young boy, maybe 2 years old come running to me with curiosity, I immediately noticed the white patches on his bare legs.  As he got closer, I saw that the multiple layers of skin had peeled off due to burns.  A local women, told us, that the child had been scalded by boiling water, when his mother was cooking.  Our first Aid kits came in handy and with permission, we covered the wounds to keep them from getting infected.  Our hearts were heavy but we left knowing that something could be done."   The people were happy but the needs were great. Death from wounds such as these, or from kidney infections or diarrhea due to lack of clean water, are common.

After visiting the Church centre in 2019, it was evident that the main building needed  securing of a new roof and pillars as well as new foundation and siding. Generous donations made hiring of local workers and the purchasing of construction materials possible.  The people went to work, rebuilt, and made the church building safe once again.

Many local families and children attend regular service throughout the week.  A group of elder women also participate in a feeding program and serve posho meals, When not in service, the space is used as a safe place to teach sewing skills for young women and guide the practice of health and hygiene. Over the years, the centre has grown to include access to clean water, latrines, and a small medical station.

Our hope is to continue to support Pastor Michael and Sharon in their Mission and to be able to provide a safe place for children and families to worship, gather and play.  We hope to install a basketball court and playground as well as a safe cookhouse on a new expansion to the property soon.

Our main focus is providing funds to support school fees, invest in the growing of food crops; such as maize and beans and continue to support our skills training programs so that the people of this community can continue to thrive.


Pastor Michael and Sharon with members of their Community