Recap of the outing to the outdoor Camp by the tracks

We arrived at 9 am and met with Peter,  who then went to get Mike (his neighbour), the third gentleman was not currently there.

We had some good greetings and showed them what we had brought for them, which was all very well accepted.  At one point I was watching Peter and thinking… Wow, he’s about as happy as a kid at Christmas!

Both the Guys have been living outside for 5 years now in the Guelph area, and they are 58 and 64 years old. Thank you to Jess for the wonderful Lunch and cookies – 6 BAGS, and they were very happy for this. Also for the, BBQ and propane converter hoses!

Thanks Aaron for coming out to help and Tony, thanks for helping and also bringing so many clothes for these men.

They were blessed by the gifts below:

1 x Sled
3 x 20 Lb Propane tanks
3 x heavy duty tarps
2 x Propane adapter hoses
3 x smaller tarps
2 x Air pumps
3 x 20 Litre Dry bags to store clothing ect
1 x Mini BBQ with 5 lb propane tank
Quote a bit of clothing
Some hand and lip creams for the skin
2 x 5 Gallon Water jugs full of water.
8 x  extra large clear garbage bags.

We also helped them to stuff 6 large bags of garbage which we loaded into the truck (quite a distance from the camp to the truck, so its a huge help to them).
The city of Guelph did not charge to dump once they were told were the garbage was from.
I do believe God will speak to them about their value and worth, and that the love shown will help them value themselves and know they are cared for.