Our dream is to see Kenyan’s equipped with tools and strategy to see their nation transformed. We believe that a nations ability to pull themselves out of poverty lays in the people themselves.  We believe that we all need mentors, people who believe in us and support us, someone to come alongside us and give us a leg up.

We partner with local Kenyans to bring lasting change, working with them to identify key areas of need and how best to support. Through our work on the ground, it's become clear that there are 3 key areas of focus; education, health, and entrepreneurship. 


In the communities we serve, children abound. With the average mother caring for 4 to 6 children, sending her kids to school is one of her top concerns. With the average wage often being under $2/day, it's often financially unfeasible to send her child through to high school.

School buildings are often built from sticks and mud, with textbooks well worn and shared between too many. Teachers often simply have a high school education, without any formal training or support.

Our mission is not to start new schools, instead, we build relationships with the existing schools that are already supporting the community. We partner where we are needed; building permanent school buildings, equipping teachers, and supplying workbooks and desks. 


We help kickstart sustainable businesses within the communities we serve, encouraging entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving. A few of the projects we've been involved in include:

  • Livestock cooperatives (such as the Ku-Ku initiative)
  • Trades skill training
  • Organic farming (in connection with Organics for Orphans)
  • New industry (Earth Blocks)


Healthy people make healthy communities. Some of the areas we help within the communities we partner with include:

  • Digging clean water wells
  • Distributing water filters
  • Feminine Hygiene training, including how to make reusable sanitary pads
  • Treating Jiggers (a sand flea that lays eggs inside a person's feet or hands)
  • Providing basic medical care


Population: 49,700,000
Poverty Line:
42% of the population lives below the poverty line
Industry: 75% of Kenyans work in agriculture


Most people in Western Kenya live on less then $2.00 a day.  With your help they can get the resources they need to lift their families out of poverty.


Our Story

Allen and Kathy Remley have been involved in humanitarian work since 1987.

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Join Us

We are always looking for kind hearted people to come help on our different projects.

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Village Transformation General Fund

Innovation is key to building hope.  We are committed to coming alongside people and projects that strengthen families and boost everyone's potential for stability and success.

Our general fund is used for urgent village needs. Your money might sponsor a school, dig a well, rid a child of jiggers, or help jumpstart a new business.  Thank you for contributing to helping others. 


Education 4 girls

Girls in rural Kenyan communities are often unable to attend school after grade 8; tuition fees jump from $45USD to over $500USD per year. A family can often only support one child in going to high school.

High-School (CAD)
$504/year | $42/month

College (CAD) 
$650/year | $55/month


Sponsor A School

Partner with us, in the construction of new school buildings that are often the first permanent structures in the community, teacher education, school supplies and textbooks.


Clean Water

Help save lives of those affected by water related illness. Contribute to dig a new well or distribute clean water filters.  This vital necessity is still needed by many.


Ku-Ku Project

This project empowers widowed mothers to become small business owners. Each widow receives a 1-year micro-loan of 5 chickens along with training in business and animal care. $35.00